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Reasons for learning spanish

1. Official language in 20 countries

Spanish is official language in 20 countries like Spain, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay and Venezuela.

2. Dependent entities in the US etc.

It is dependent entities in Easter Island ( Chile ) and Puerto Rico ( USA ).

3. Significant minority language in 5 countries

It is a significant minority language in Andorra, Belize, Gibraltar, the US, Portugal.

4. 500 million speakers

Spanish is spoken as a native language by more than 414 million people. As a 1st or 2nd language, Spanish is spoken by 500 million people and as a foreign language, it is spoken by 20 million students Spanish is the official language on 4 continents.

5. Official language in the UN etc.

Spanish is 1 of the 6 official language of the UN. It is also an official language in European Union, Mercosur and the Pacific Alliance. It is 5 th most spoken language in Europe.

6. 3rd most spoken language in the world

It is the 3rd most spoken language around the world.

7. Indian companies in Spanish speaking countries

Many companies like TCS and Satyam have got opened their branches all over Latin America.

8. European comapnies in India

There are many European companies who want to outsource their work to India but for that India must know Spanish, German etc languages. The salary is 25 or 40 % more than that of candidates who only know English.

9. BPOs in India

After learning Spanish, people can do voice jobs with BPO, or translation job. They can even be involved in technical and language support job too.

10. Helpful for those who want to go to the US

If you plan to go to the US after learning Spanish, you would easily get good opportunities there because half of citizens living in the US speak Spanish.

11. Easy to learn

Spanish is entirely phonetic language which is easy to pronounce and write.

12. Medically helpful

Learning Spanish can work as a medical tool. Studies show that if you are bilingual, it will enhance mental ability and will slow down in mental acuity due to old age. It also makes you smarter.

13. Helpful in business and Jobs

If you are in business or in job and you know Spanish, that is really going to boost your career as there are more than 500 million speakers with whom you are going to communicate regarding business. If you want to work in education or healthcare in the US, you are going to get a warm welcome there.

14. Spanish for travelling

It will be very helpful for you to travel in Spanish speaking country after learning Spanish. If you are keen to know the real culture and locals of there, in that case, you must know Spanish. You will see the great welcome in a great way by interacting with them in Spanish which you will never find if you only speak in English.

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