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Reasons for learning italian

1. Italian as an official language

Italian is official language in Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City, European Union.

2. Italian as a recognized minority language

Italian is recognized minority language in Malta, Slovenia, Croatia.

3. 85 million speakers 85 million people speak Italian worldwide.

4. Cultural heritage sites in Italy Most of the cultural heritage sites of the world are in Italy, according to UNESCO

5. Support from Italy to whole world

Economy of Italy is one top in the world. The people who know Italian and English are sought by many employers of the world. Around 8000 companies of the US are doing business with Italy. Around 1000 companies like Motorola, Citibank, IBM etc have their offices in Italy.

6. Italian for fashion, furniture, manufacturing, interiors etc.

Italy is one of the most famous country is arenas like fashion, furniture, machine tools manufacturing, interior design, ship building, equipments of transportation, robotics, culinary arts. Italian is a great language in reference to music, arts, design, opera, food, architecture etc.

7. A romance language

Latin is ancestor of all romance languages and Italian language is nearest to Latin.

8. Easy to learn

60 % words of English is derived from Latin and Italian is also derived from Latin, so English and Italian are quite similar in terms of vocabulary and henceforth easy to learn.

9. Italian in the US

Now the students are preferring to learn Italian language more than French, German and Spanish in Schools and colleges in the United States.

10. One of the most beautiful language

People consider Italian language as one of the most attractive and lovely languages of the entire earth.

11. Italian for food

Italian is the only language that has maximum number of words for food.

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