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Reasons for learning german

1. German as an official language

German language is official language in countries like Austria, Belgium, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, South Tyrol ( Italy ), Switzerland, European Union ( official and working language.

2. German as a recognized minority language

German is recognized minority language in countries like Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Namibia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Brazil, South Africa, Vatican City, Venezuela.

3. The language of Europe and the entire world

More than 120 million native speakers speak German. It is the third most famous language taught all over the world. German is 2nd most popular language in Japan and Europe.

4. Germany the 3rd largest economy in the world

Germany has the 3rd largest economy in the world. Germany is ahead of the US exports. In the field of machinery, cars, household goods, industrial equipments, pharmaceuticals goods, German business has 1:3 ration in Euro earning. Switzerland is a German speaking country and it has one of the most highest standard of living in the whole world

5. German for business and job opportunities.

There are great opportunities in MNCs throughout the Eastern European Countries and European Union, and here German is the 2nd most spoken language after Russian. Companies such as Lufthansa, SAP, BMW, Bosch and others require international partners. The companies in Germany has more than 70000 jobs in the US and the US has around same job opportunities in Germany. If you have German language skill and you go to US, they will prefer you other than any other candidate.

6. Innovative Germany

The most innovated companies are having the ratio of 4 out of 10 in Germany only. Germans are always ahead of all in new technologies. After US, Germany exports more products that are higt-tech. 2 out 3rd international trade fair occurs in Germany only.

7. German language in tourism

Germans are very fond of travelling. They travel on vacation 6 weeks a year. They travel in foreign countries. So if other companies have the employees who know German language can get a great business with German as German love to travel. German can be found in Spain, Italy Turkey, Greece, East European Countries, the US etc travelling.

8. Ahead in field of internet

Germany has 8 million internet domains. Domain of Germany .de is on 2nd number after .com.

9. German in publishing books

Around 80000 books are published in German each year. And very less percentage of these books is translated into other foreign languages. So German language does a miracle in publishing books

10. German in music, art, philosophy, literature and science.

10 noble prizes have been given to the authors of German, Austrian and Swiss German. The world of classical musical is concerned with German speaking composers. German speakers have great influence in literature and world art. They also have contribution in Philosophy and Sciences.

11. German is not that difficult.

German is very easy to learn if you know English language. Pronunciation is easy to learn like English. German and English both have same ancestor Germanic. The words and grammar have many common features in German and English

12. German for graduate and under graduate programs.

The knowledge of German language is recommended more than any other language at the University of California in majors. The majors are comprising of physics, chemistry, biology, art history, religious studies etc. So German language is very important in graduate and undergraduate programs in different countries.

13. Free study in German Universties

Germany does not only supports and cooperates its citizen but also other people of the world. Students in international study and research, scientists, educators and scholars supported by German Academic Exchange Service were 67000 alone in 2001. Students from all over the world can get admission in German universities without paying no fees.

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